Design Modification of Water Supply Intakes in Mountainous Regions
Existing river intakes for several water treatment plants in the mountainous areas of western Venezuela have experienced severe difficulties with deposition of sediment. Excessive sediment...

The History of Coastal Engineering in South Africa

Seeking Structural Solutions
A photo essay on the unique work of Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish-born engineer and architect whose bridges and buildings have attracted international attention for their unusual esthetics....

Master Plan for the U.S. Navy Base at Charleston

Water Quality Modeling of the Rio Tiete System in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Integrated Remediation Study for the Guarapiranga Project, São Paulo, Brazil

Qué pasa with Water Resources Management in the Americas?

The Role of Wetland Conservation in Sustainable Development

Financing Water Resource Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean

Integrated River Basin Management in Latin America

Toward An Inter-American Water Resources Network

The Water Resources Management System of the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Modeling the Río Colorado in 1970: How Modeling Has Changed in the Past 25 Years

MIT - Argentina Program: What Went Wrong?

Integral Resource Management of the Río Colorado (Argentina)

Recent Developments on Shotcrete Applications in Brazil

Huron Project of the High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program

Stormwater Injection Effects on Groundwater Quality in South Australia

Experience in Injecting Storm Water Into Aquifers to Enhance Irrigation Water Supplies in South Australia

Artificial Recharge of the Santa Marta Aquifer, Colombia





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