Urban Public Transportation in Seoul: System, Operation, Use by People
A review is given on two of the most predominant public transit modes in Seoul, the subway and bus systems. The contents include important characteristics of these modes in terms of system...

Development of the New Transit System Concepts in Korea
New transit systems technologies including the Automated Guideway Transit (AGT), stand out in the world's major cities in respect to its promise of relatively lower construction costs...

Travel Demand Modeling for Conformity in Charlotte, North Carolina

CURITIBA: An International Perspective on the City's Bus-Transit Network
The bus-transit transportation network in Curitiba, Brazil, has received widespread attention for its innovations and effectiveness. This paper looks at those breakthroughs, and considers...

Operation and Use of the Integrated Public Transportation Network of Curitiba, Brazil
In the worldwide search for intermediate transportation solutions between the bus and subway, the city of Curitiba, Brazil has achieved unusual levels of performance and quality. Curitiba...

Generation of a Two-Dimensional Unstructured Mesh for the East Coast of South Carolina

Urban Public Transit System in the City of São Paulo, Brazil: Its Operations and Use by People
This paper describes the current situation of the public transport system in the city of Sa˜o Paulo, Brazil, and its metropolitan area, with emphasis on current developments....

South Carolina Department of Transportation Statewide Program of Bridge Scour Evaluation

The Collection of Clear-Water Contraction and Abutment Scour Data at Selected Bridge Sites in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont of South Carolina

Physical and Computational Modeling of Bridge Scour at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina

Sand Bars at Duck, North Carolina, U.S.A.: Observations and Model Predictions

Relationship of Geologic Framework to Origin of Barrier Island Coast, South Carolina

Hurricane Impacts and Shoreline Recovery along Masonboro Island, North Carolina

Hydrodynamics and Suspended Sediment Transport at Camboriú Estuary, Brazil

Cross-Shore Transport and Profile Evolution at Duck, North Carolina

Dune Migration and Aeolian Transport along Ceara (Northeastern Brazil): Downscaling and Upscaling Aeolian Induced Processes

Barrier Morphology and Inlet Types: Low Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, North Carolina

Large-Scale Shoreline Response to Storms and Fair Weather

Inlet Induced Shoreline Changes, High Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, Southeastern North Carolina

Storm Impacts and Shoreline Recovery in Southeastern North Carolina: Role of the Geologic Framework





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