Geo-Environmental Experience within the Oil Industry in Venezuela

Groundwater Quality Evaluation at Barrancabermeja's Industrial Complex in Colombia

Technical Evaluation of Hydroelectric Facilities in Peru

El Niño Effect on Columbian Hydrology Practice

A Critical Review of the Pangue Dam Project EIA (Biobío River, Chile)

Estimating Extreme Discharges in a Colombian Region

Hydrological Impacts of Climate Changes on a Semi-Arid Region of Brazil

The Experience of a Water Resources Research Center in Colombia

Southern Africa Regional Water Sector Assessment for U.S. Agency for International Development

Sediment Pond Trapping Efficiency Curves

The Magdalena River Navigation Project (Columbia)

Modeling of Groundwater Management Alternatives for the City of Florence, South Carolina

Use of Hydrologic Budgets and Hydrochemistry to Determine Ground-Water and Surface-Water Interactions for Rapid Creek, Western South Dakota

Development of a Regional 3-D Groundwater Modeling System for the Savannah River Nuclear Site, South Carolina

Introduction of High Speed Railway in Korea and Opportunities of International Cooperation

Continuous Flow Interchange Application in Raleigh, NC

Proposed Comprehensive Seoul LRT System

Management of a Small Ground Water Reservoir by Recharge of Water from a Surface Reservoir

The Role of Wetland Conservation in Sustainable Development

Recent Developments on Shotcrete Applications in Brazil





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