Aerobic Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents in Unsaturated Soils
A potentially attractive application of methylotrophic bacteria is in the treatment of contaminated, unsaturated soil. Methane and air could be supplied by injection and withdraw wells,...

Movement of Nonaqueous Liquids in Groundwater
Evidence from field sites indicates that when nonaqueous liquids, such as organic solvents and gasoline, are released into the subsurface environment they tend to remain as a separate...

True Cost Comparison of Landfilling and Incineration of Hazardous Wastes
An analysis of the 'true' costs of a series of discrete model situations representing hazardous waste management by landfilling and incineration was conducted....

Solubility of Aromat6ic Solutes and Sorption onto Soil in Polar Solvent/Water Systems
An investigation was performed to evaluate the solubility and sorption of aromatic solutes onto soil from an aqueous phase containing polar solvent. This work relates to the evaluation...

Modeling of Volatile Compounds Buried at Waste Sites

Scale-Up of Air Stripping for Organics Removal from Groundwater

Biochemical Oxidation of Solvent Extracted Coal Gasification Process Wastewater

Treatment of Coal Liquefaction Wastewater by Solvent Extraction and Biological Nitrification—Denitrification

Potential for Groundwater Attenuation of Mutagenic Compounds from Raw and Spent Oil Shales





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