Bacteria Tackles Toxic Waste, Withstands Radiation

CERF Investigates Solar-Powered Warning Light

Radon Monitoring Near a Department of Energy (DOE) Facility at Fernald, Ohio

Exposures and Health Outcomes from Uranium Mill Tailings

Treatment of Herbicide Contaminated Groundwater to Non-Detectable Concentrations Applying Ultraviolet (UV) Oxidation

Renewable Energy Field Tests at the South Pole

Radiation Cleans Up Contaminated Soil

UV Acceptance
Ultraviolet disinfection of wastewater is increasingly being used. The method has been available since the early part of the century, but chlorine was widely available and generally cheaper....

On the Radiation Boundary Conditions for Time-Dependent Parabolic Wave Calculations

Design and Bidding of UV Disinfection Equipment�Case Study

Control of Zebra Mussels with Ultraviolet Radiation

UV or not UV? That is the Question

Ultra Violet Disinfection: A 3-year History

Periodicity in Midwestern Climatic Data

Putting Wetlands to Work
Wetlands, whether natural or engineered, have enormous potential to clean up wastewater, but in the past, the public called on civil engineers to drain wetlands en masse as a public benefit....

Annual Variation in Effects of UV Radiation on Plankton

Will Global Change Affect Planktonic Productivity?

UV Disinfection in Hawaii

Hazards to Personnel from Tower EMFs

Analyzing Drought with a Simplified Climate Model
A simplified climate model with combined atmospheric-hydrologic processes has been developed at the University of California Davis for the study of physical processes related to drought....





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