Design Guidelines for UV Disinfection Facilities
Current design methods for UV disinfection facilities depend largely on experience with minimum input design variables, such as water UV transmittance and required disinfection efficiency....

Analyzing Drought with a Simplified Climate Model
A simplified climate model with combined atmospheric-hydrologic processes has been developed at the University of California Davis for the study of physical processes related to drought....

How to Evaluate and Cost UV/Oxidation Systems

Consistent Infinitesimal Finite-Element Cell Method for Incompressible Unbounded Medium

Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection About Drift-Emplaced Waste Canisters

Designing Radiation Protection Signs

Use of HEPA Filters to Control Ionizing Radiation

Alara Benefits of an MPC Robotic Welding System

Multi-Purpose Canister Closure and Welding: Potential Automation and Impacts

Innovative Design and Construction Solutions to Remediate Radiologically Contaminated Residential Communities in Essex County New Jersey

Solar One Demolition and Remediation

Assessing Integrity of Agricultural Weather Data

Actinide Source Term Predictions for Spent Fuel at Yucca Mountain

Environmental Hardening of a Mobile-Manipulator System for Nuclear Environments
The research report involves the radiation hardening of a commercially-available, mobile robot, the REMOTEC ANDROS. This hardening effort will culminate in the availability of a mega-rad...

A Conceptual Study of A Solar Power Satellite Using Centrifugal Force
We studied the self deployable Solar Power Satellite (SPS) using centrifugal force in order to explore ways in reducing construction costs. We designed a 340 kW SPS, and studied the unfolding...

Thermal Response in Antenna Under Laser Irradiation
This investigation focuses on the thermal response of two objects under medium-intensity continuous-wave (CW) laser irradiation: (1) a homogeneous slab and (2) a complex electronic component,...

Overview of Space Environmental Effects
The natural environment for low Earth orbit subjects satellites to various forms of damage, ranging from particulate impacts, ultraviolet light, atomic oxygen erosion and charged particle...

Roles of the Lunar-Solar Power System In Development of the Resources of Greater Earth for Mankind
The proposed Lunar-Solar Power (LSP) System collects solar power on the moon. The power is converted to beams of microwaves and transmitted to fields of microwave receivers on Earth that...

A Practical Application of Concession Schemes to Space Energy Projects
It has been shown in previous papers and studies that some of the financing schemes involving a mix of private and government funds, which are used for terrestrial large infrastructures,...

Inter-stellar Propulsion: The Need for Speed
Interstellar travel is certainly one of mankind's next step to reach for the stars. Four ideas for interstellar propulsion are discussed in this paper: the Orion Project, Deep Space Ramjets,...





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