Mine Support, Radiation and Ventilation Control with Spray-on Barriers
The use of spray-on liner agents to provide localized excavation support in place of traditional techniques such as shotcrete or bolts-and-screen has been the subject of extensive investigation....

Advanced Technology Proposals for Infrastructure Rebuilding for Sustainable Development
There is serious need to rebuild and renovate the infrastructure of the United States in order to create a basis for growth in the future. However, new concerns of global warming, energy...

Radiation Balance and Soil Water Evaporation of Bare Pullman Clay Loam Soil
Radiation and energy balance components and soil water evaporation were measured for a bare Pullman clay loam soil at Bushland, TX during the 1992 spring and summer as the soil dried following...

Atmospheric Radiation Balance Over Alfalfa
An experiment was carried out in an alfalfa field in Logan, Utah, U.S.A., during 8-12 September 1992, to evaluate methods and expected accuracy of continuous radiation balance component...

Growing Season Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficient
The Bowen ratio-energy balance (BREB) method was used to continuously estimate 20-minute actual evapotranspiration (ETa) in the middle of a 36-ha...

Stratification Models Sensitivity to Solar Radiation Data
A one-dimensional water quality model (WESTEX model) for simulation of thermal stratification is used to test the performance of such models related to hydrometeorological input data....

Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater Using Chemical Oxidation

Radiation Energy Treatment of Water, Wastewater and Sludge
A State-of-the-Art Report
Since ionizing radiation is one of the more technologically advanced forms of energy available to society, it has been applied to a great many activities such as: the sterilization of...

Interpolation Functions for Use with ORIGEN-2 Data

Using the ORIGEN2 Computer Code for Near Core Activation Calculations

An ORIGEN2 Update for PCs and Mainframes

The Role of Performance Assessment in Validation, Regulation and Public Acceptance

Radiological Protection Criteria for Solid Radioactive Waste Disposal

Safety Analysis for Waste Transports to the Planned Final Waste Repository KONRAD

Colorimetric Determination of Fe?+/Fe?+ Ratio in Radioactive Glasses

Experimental Characterization of Jet Forces on Waste Tank Components

Combined Natural Convection and Surface Radiation in the Annular Region Between a Volumetrically Heated Inner Tube and a Finite Conducting Outer Tube

Overview of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

Near-Field Radiation Doses from Transported Spent Nuclear Fuel

Understanding the Medical Applications of Radionuclides





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