One Small Step
A concept design for an inflatable habitat on Mars incorporates indigenous ice as a structural element and a shield to protect occupants from galactic cosmic radiation....

Pro Bono Solar Project Restores Power to Puerto Rican Shelters

Proponents of solar energy often argue that energy from the sun is abundantly available and relatively easily captured, but opponents point to the fact that not every day is a sunny one, rendering such systems useless at times�

German Fusion Project Engineered for Extreme Temperatures, Radiation Challenges

Study: Solar Power Within The Built Environment Could Exceed California's Energy Needs

Solar-Power-Generating Bridge Debuts in London

The largest solar power plant in Japan began operations in November on a peninsula of reclaimed land that extends into Kagoshima Bay...

NewsBriefs: Philadelphia Eagles to Install Solar Panels, Wind Turbines at Stadium (

NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Boat Sails around the World (Los Angeles Times)

NewsBrief: Wind- and Sun-Powered Traffic Light Tested in Nebraska (REVMODO and Government Technology)

NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Compactors Reduce Cities' Trash Collection Costs (Chicago Sun-Times)

NewsBriefs: Solar Panels Produce Energy for High-Speed Trains in Europe (Discovery News)

New Jersey Reservoir Features Floating Solar Panels Designed to Withstand Winter

NewsBriefs: Qatar Announces $1-Billion Solar Power Plant

NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Plane Makes Maiden Voyage

NewsBriefs: Solar Energy May Bring New Life to California Farmland

NewsBriefs: Japanese Scientists Develop Sun-Powered Spacecraft

NewsBriefs: Engineering Firm Helps Boost Solar Energy Development

NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Aircraft Unveiled

Researchers Develop Improved Method of Storing Solar Energy





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