NewsBriefs: China Building Canals To Deal With Water Shortages (China Daily)

NewsBriefs: WERF Announces 12 Requests For Proposals (Water Environment Research Foundation)

NewsBriefs: WERF Funds Software For Wastewater Treatment Facilities (Water Environment Research Foundation)

NewsBriefs: WERF Explores Link Between Biosolids And Health Effects (Water Environment Research Foundation)

NewsBriefs: Water Supply Threatened In Western United States (The Arizona Republic)

NewsBriefs: Researchers Rethink Source Of California Beach Sand (University of California at San Diego)

Corebits: Geo-Institute News – Geo-Strata Magazine Offers New Searchable Database; Do You Deal with Karst Terrane; 3 new Geotechnical Special Publications. 25% Off for Members; Send Us Your Geotechnical Group News; Abstracts Due for Fourth International Conference on Unsaturated Soils; US-Japan Workshop on Geotechnical Engineering; Give Your Organization Increased Exposure

Policy Briefing: Water Utilities Triumph over MTBE 'Safe Harbor' Provisions

Drinking Water: Research Tests How Well Treatment Methods Remove Endocrine Disruptors

Environmental Engineering: Airfield to be Buried under Dredged Sediment to Restore Wetlands

Modeling Laterally Loaded ACIP Piles in Overconsolidated Clay

Laboratory Modeling of Vibro-Driven Piles

Modelling of Displacement Piles in Sand Using a Pressure Chamber

Analysis of Dynamic Laterally Loaded Pile in Clay
Deflections of laterally loaded pile groups are strongly affected by the degree of pile head fixity. If the cap provides perfect restraint against rotation, deflections are only about...

Experimental p-y Model for Submerged, Stiff Clay

Driving Characteristics of Open-Toe Piles in Dense Sand

Response of Tension Piles to Simulated Seismic Motion in Saturated Fine Sand

Soils and Foundations

Restoring Coastal Louisiana
Enhancing the Role of Engineering and Science in the Restoration Program
Louisiana's coastal wetlands represent a significant natural and economic resource for the state and the nation but have been disappearing at a rate of 25 to 35 square miles...

Natural Attenuation of Hazardous Wastes
Sponsored by the Natural Attenuation Task Committee of the Environmental and Multi-Media Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE. ...





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