Powhatan and Yarmouth Creek Watershed Management Plans

Minimizing the Cost of Maintaining Supply Reliability Through the Use of Water Transfers

Large Scale Sediment Source Identification and Load Estimation Designed to Inform the TMDL Process

Glen Oaks: Design and Implementation of a Riparian Regional Detention Facility

A Methodology for Reliable Total Maximum Daily Load Allocations

Projection of Water Needs: Case Study in Bloem Water Service Area, South Africa

The Little Sugar Creek Environmental Restoration Initiative – Freedom Park

Water Quality Modeling for Urban Planning

Relationship of Hydrologic Soil Groups to Curve Number: Results of a Study

Hydrochemical Modeling of Water Quality in a Ground and Surface Water System within a Semi-Urban Watershed

Short Takes: American Academy of Water Resources Engineers Recognizes First Diplomats

Drinking Water: EPA Survey Increases Estimate of Infrastructure Needs

Policy Briefing: Water Financing Bill Faces Lingering Hurdles in Senate

Water Resources: Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Plans to Line All-American Canal

In The Field: Water Supply Project Helps Pflugerville Handle Growth

Water Supply: Regional Water Plan in California Finally Moves into Design

Water Resources: Design of Long-Awaited San Luis Obispo Pipeline Begins

Water Resources: NPDES Permits Not Needed for Water Transfers, EPA Says

Dalrymple Testifies before Congressional Subcommittee about Water Resources Planning in Gulf Region

Drinking Water: California Water District Receives Patent for Water Treatment Technology





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