Structures Congress 2006
Structural Engineering and Public Safety
Structures Congress 2006 highlights research in the broad areas of applied structural analysis, optimal structural design, structural control,...

Water Resources: Florida Sets Sights on Restoring Lake Okeechobee

Water Resources: New Method for Validating UV Disinfection Systems Shows Promise

Drinking Water: EPA Releases Final Rules for Disinfection By-products, Cryptosporidium

Water Resources: Utah Developer Creates Lake to Enhance Planned Community

Environmental Engineering: Engineers Remediate Land Polluted with Fertilizer, Pesticide

Corebits: Geo-Institute News - Unsaturated Soils Conference; Geo-Denver 2007; Consider Nominating Someone for G-I Governorship; Grad Students: Jumpstart Your Career; Speak Up for Someone Who Deserves Recognition; We Need You on a G-I Technical Committee

Policy Briefing: Supreme Court Hears Challenges to Wetlands Rules

Water Resources: Law Seeks to Increase Storage, Conservation in Columbia River Basin

In the Field: Students Work to Improve Cisterns in Haiti

Characterization of Particle Class Sizes Associated with Indicator Organisms in Stormwater
The presence of pathogen indicators is the leading cause of water body impairment in the United States, accounting for over 15% of the waters currently requiring TMDL development (USEPA,...

Simulation/Optimization Modeling Post-Audits
S/O models have long been used to compute optimal strategies for user-specified optimization problems. It is useful to provide a retrospective of two S/O modeling applications, and how...

Characterizing the Pathways and Characteristics of Nutrients Discharging from Ground-Water to Surface Water
Any investigation of surface-water quality for a lake or pond requires accurate estimates of the contributing contaminant or nutrient loads. In many cases, inflow from the adjacent ground...

Characterization of Interaction of Surface Water and Groundwater in the El Paso Lower Valley of Texas
El Paso is located in the Chihuahua desert and prone to long periods of extreme drought. With the river drought, regional irrigation districts only received 34% and 38%of a full water...

Drinking Water Distribution Systems: A Dual-Use Vision for Implementing an Environmental Observatory for an Engineered System
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7, has been tasked as the lead federal agency in protecting water infrastructure in the U.S....

Corebits: Geo-Institute News — GeoCongress 2006...It's a Success!; Looking for a Speaker?; Shrink-Swell Soils Short Course (endorsed by the Geo-Institute of ASCE); Governor-Elect Nominees; Call for Abstracts for New GSP; Look at these 3 New G-I Offerings; Asphalt Concrete — Simulation, Modeling, and Experimental Characterization; Geotechnical Application for Transportation Infrastructure; G-I Thanks Former Geo-strata Publisher

Environmental Engineering: Urban Wetlands Restoration Begins in New York, New Jersey

Drinking Water: U.S. EPA Proposes Changes to Affordability Criteria

Wastewater: California Facility to Incorporate Treatment Wetlands

Canals: Final Section of Canal Project Water in California





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