Drinking Water: EPA's Groundwater Rule Targets Fecal Contamination

Policy Briefing: Water Quality Funding Bill Clears First Hurdle in House

Drinking Water: Minneapolis Constructs Continent's largest Pressurized Ultrafiltration System

Water Resources: California Reservoir Would Capture 'Nonstorable' Flows from Colorado River

Storm-Water Management: Porous Pavement Increases Storage Area at Portland Marine Terminal

Corebits: Industry News — The 7th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics (FMGM); GeoCongress 2008: The Challenge of Sustainablility in the Geoenvironment Annual Congress of the Geo-Institute of ASCE; Geotechnical Eathquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics (GEESD IV); Call for Nominations for the G-I Board of Governors: Due March 31, 2007; Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering; Finite Elements in Geotechnical Engineering; Search Continues for a Geo-Strata Cartoonist; Special 10th Anniversary Wish from the Geo-Institute; Have You Tried the G-I Speakers Bureau?

Policy Briefing: House, Senate Committees Advance Water Resources Bills

Storm-Water Management: 'Hidden' Drain Improves Marina's Water Quality, Preserves Aesthetics

Exploring Soil Conditions in Deepwater

Water Resources: Las Vegas Receives Conditional Approval for Key Groundwater Rights

Optimization of Well Placement in Groundwater Long Term Monitoring Networks
Long Term Monitoring (LTM) networks play critical roles in tracking the migration of contaminants in groundwater, evaluating the efficiency of the existing remediation techniques, and...

Modeling Fort Ord Site OU2's Remediation System Using Optimization
Fort Ord.s Site OU2 is located approximately 80 miles south of San Francisco near Monterey Bay in Monterey County, California. Fort Ord contains two landfills which were used for residential...

History of the USDA-ARS Experimental Watersheds on the Washita River, Oklahoma
A national experimental watershed network, operated by the Agricultural Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture, was established in 1959 to conduct research on the effects...

Policy Briefing: Document and Legislation Renew Debate over Clean Water Act's Reach

Urban Renewal: Redeveloped Toronto Waterfront to Feature New River Channel

Conference Assesses Levee Safety in California, Calls for National Water Resources Plan

Environmental Engineering: Salt Marsh to Treat Water Plant's Reverse-Osmosis Concentrate

ASCE Voices Qualified Support of Water Resources Bill

Water Resources: Flow of Treated Effluent to Generate Electricity

Drinking Water: World's Largest Inland Desalination Plant Opens in El Paso





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