NewsBriefs: 15-Year Study Analyzes Wetland Creation (Newswise)

Design of Urban Stormwater Controls
Fully updated to address the paradigm shift in the way stormwater is viewed and managed, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls focuses on consolidating technologies to foster a convergence...

Oklahoma City Approves $653-Million Plan for Water, Wastewater Improvements

Construction to Begin on Nearly $1-Billion Water Project in New Mexico

Design of foundations on Expansive Soils

Mayors Call on Congress, White House To Reform Clean Water Act

Evaluation of the Vistawall MSE Wall System by T&B Structural Systems
Final Report
The Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), serves as a clearinghouse for implementing highway innovation by conducting nationally focused, collaborative evaluations of...

Water Supplies Will Keep Pace with Demand Through 2030, Survey Says

Inspired by the movement of water in the nearby Bouregreg River, the design of a new theater for Rabat, the capital of Morocco, features sweeping curves that begin with the landscape architecture and continue to build throughout the structure...

Advancing the Practice of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Laboratory Testing for Unsaturated Soils: A Primer

Implementation of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics During Pavement Construction QA

Congress Scrutinizes EPA Policy on Perchlorate, Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water

Seepage Problems Plague Construction of Lake Mead's Third Intake Project

Design of High Soil Berms Over Soft Soils: An Update

Draft Guidance Document Would Expand Reach of Clean Water Act

Italy's Largest Constructed Wetlands Begins Accepting Wastewater

XV European Conference of Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering and 2011 Pam-Am CGS Geotechnical Conference

Wave Transformation in Shoaling Water

The Design Wave in Shallow Water





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