Environmental Engineering '99
This proceedings, Environmental Engineering 1999, contains summaries of papers presented at the 1999 National Conference on Environmental Engineering...

Evaluation of the ISOGRID Retaining Wall System
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF service center. This report presents the results of a HITEC evaluation of the...

Processing Induced Warpage in Composite Cylindrical Shells

Evaluation of the SSL MSE PlusTM Retaining Wall System
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF service center. This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to...

Behavioral Characteristics of Residual Soils
This proceedings, Behavioral Characteristics in Residual Soils, contains papers presented during the sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute...

Cold Regions Engineering
Putting Research into Practice
This proceedings, Cold Regions Engineering: Putting Research into Practice, is a compilation of the technical papers presented at the Tenth...

Seismic Performance of Tuned Mass Dampers in Reducing the Response of Structures on Soft Soil Medium

Effects of Water Pressure on Deep Water Offshore Concrete Design

Seismic Risk Analysis of Concrete Pipelines

Analyses of Damage to Sewer Pipes in Shibetsu Town During the 1994 Hokkaido–Toho–Oki Earthquake

Cost Modeling and Optimization Considerations for Low Pressure Membrane Filtration Systems

Analytical Model of Spit Evolution at Inlets

Quasi-Seasonal Morphological Shore Evolution Response to Variable Wave Climate

Jet Grouting in Cohesive Soils

Creep Behavior of Frozen and Unfrozen Soils: A Comparison

Hydrologic Analysis for Ecological Risk Assessment of Watersheds with Abandoned Mine Lands

Non-Linear Modelling of Shoreface–Connected Sand Ridges

Effects of Flow Duration on Local Scour at Bridge Piers in New York

Sand Transport Through and Around the Main Breakwater at East London

Vertical Contraction Scour at Bridges with Water Flowing Under Pressure Conditions





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