Horizontal Residual Post-Liquefaction Deformation of Level Ground

Statistical Analysis and Application of the Magnitude Scaling Factor in Liquefaction Analysis

Behaviour of Light Structures Founded on Soil `Crust' over Liquefied Ground

Seismic Deformation of Reinforced Soil Centrifuge Models

Centrifuge Studies of the Seismic Response of Reinforced Soil Slopes

Simulation of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects in Shaking Table Tests

Cyclic Lateral Loading of Model Pile Groups in Clay Soils

Implications of Vs-BPT (N1)60 Correlations for Liquefaction Assessment in Gravels

Hidden Hazard: Liquefaction Assessment for a Buried Glacial Stream Valley

Assessment of Liquefaction Potential of Western Puerto Rico

Energy Loss in Long Rod Penetration Testing: Terminus Dam Liquefaction Investigation

Spatial Variability of Soil Properties: Two Case Studies

Design Considerations in Ground Improvement for Seismic Risk Mitigation

Ground Improvement Case Histories for Liquefaction Mitigation of Port and Near-Shore Structures

Vibro-Replacement for Liquefaction Mitigation for a Hospital Site

Investigation of Predictive Methodologies for Explosive Compaction

Field Applications of Explosive Compaction in Silty Soils and Numerical Analysis

Compaction Grouting to Reduce Seismic Risk and Collapse Potential for Freeway Storm Drain System

Drainage Capacity of Stone Columns or Gravel Drains for Mitigating Liquefaction

Repair of Liquefaction Induced Lateral Spreading and Settlement Using Compaction Grouting





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