Efficiency in the Bag
Heavy snowfalls made the existing water treatment plant at the Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California inaccessible during winter months. As activity in the park during colder...

Automatic Segmentation and Classification Using a Co-occurrence Based Approach

Image-Based Winter Road Condition Recognition

Utilizing the Internet for Reservoir Management During Rain-on-Snow Events

Automated Snow Avalanche Hazard Reduction

Failure of a Stiffened Seat Bracket Connection

Non-Growing Season Water Budgets for a Shortgrass Steppe
The seasonal characteristics of water inputs and outputs during the non growing seasons (October through May) of 1986 to 1992 in a shortgrass steppe are presented in this paper. About...

Flooding from Rain-on-Snow Events in the Sierra Nevada
The most damaging floods in rivers of the Sierra Nevada of California have occurred during warm storms when rain fell in snow covered catchments. These large floods in the major tributaries...

The 1995 Flood in Southeastern Norway—Operational Forecasting, Warning, and Monitoring of a 200-Year Flood
The southeastern part of Norway experienced during the 1995 spring the highest flood recorded since the devastating flood in July 1789. The snow storage was at the end of April 30 to 50...

Stochastic Snow Load Process Model from Daily Climatological Data

Temporary Snow and Ice Pavement Structures

Surface Modifications to Reduce Thaw Degradation of Permafrost

Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Collapse Analysis of a 190 M Guyed Mast

Improvements to the Snow and Rain Provisions of ASCE Manual 7

Air-Supported Roof Redux
Long-span, low profile, air-supported roofs have been dramatic additions to a dozen public arenas built in the 1970s and early 1980s. The advantages of these roofs were overshadowed by...

Distributed Modeling of Snowmelt and Influence of Wind

Scientific Basis of Precipitation Enhancement

Teaching Structural Loading: A Case Study
CVEG 4803: Structural Loading course was formulated three years ago as an undergraduate senior elective course. In this course structural dynamics is introduced for one third of the course....

Experimental Study on the Strut Type of Cable Net Membrane Structures
In this paper a new type of suspension membrane structure combined with a cable net is proposed, in which the supporting struts are arranged between the membrane surface and the cable...





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