Discontinuous Turbidity Currents and Powder Snow Avalanches

Some Statistical Aspects of Wind and Snow Loading

Ice and Snow Utilization in Cold Regions Construction
An overview of requirements is presented for the planning, design, and construction of roads, pads, and airfields using water, ice and snow as construction materials. Practical guidelines...

Cold Regions Construction
A State of the Practice Report
An overview of cold region construction and state of the practice reviews of various aspects of this engineering specialty are presented. The overview covres the development of cold region...

Prestressed Steel Grid Erected with Bent Forms
A new method for constructing one-layer steel grids erected by prestressing with the aid of recoverable bending forms is presented, followed by an approximate structural analysis. The...

Control of Snow and Ice in Hokkaido, Japan
The Hokkaido Islands are marked by a cold climate despite being low in latitude; as a result, snow, ice, sea ice and freezing of ground have caused disaster in large numbers. Members of...

Loads due to Drifted Snow
Roof failures due to snow loads are often the result of heavy drifts rather than uniform snow loads. Codes and standards such as Standard A58.1 of the American National Standards Institute...

Uniform Snow Loads on Structures
Data on ground and roof snow loads for 199 structures are analyzed. Relationships between ground-to-roof conversion factor for uniform roof loads and parameters such as roof slope, exposure...

Snow Loads on Long Span Roofs

Lessons Learned from Recent Long Span Roof Failures

Wind-Structure Interaction of Flexible Roofs

General Specifications for Structural Design

Clustering Model for Correlated Load Processes
Many loading on structures (such as wind, wave, snow, and rain-on-snow) may be due to a common source and have a tendency to cluster around common points in time so that the occurrence...

Recommended Design Loads for Bridges
The ASCE Committee on Loads and Forces on Bridges has studied the information available on bridge loading and makes its recommendations. Recommendations significantly different to current...

Long Span Roof Structures
The papers included in these proceedings treat a wide range of technical topics related to long span roof structures including new structural concepts, structural stability, the effects...

Myths and Uses of Hydrometeorology in Forecasting

Airborne Snow Survey Using Natural Gamma Radiation

Soil Moisture and Snowpack after Clearcutting

Spatial Simulation of Snow Processes

Path Clearcuts to Manage Snow in Lodgepole Pine





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