Review of Works Using CRIEPI Flume and Present Work

Wave Impacts on Sea Walls and Breakwaters

Hurricane Andrew - The Ultimate Curtain Wall Test

Critique of Commercial Structures

Failure of Residential Building Envelopes as a Result of Hurricane Andrew in Dade County, Florida

Failures and Failure Mechanisms for Exterior Walls

Design, Construction and Performance of a Soil Nailed Wall in Puerto Rico

Contracting for Tiedback Walls on a Design-Build Basis

The Performance and Behaviour of Biological Filter Walls as Affected by Cyclical Temperature Changes

Construction of a Cofferdam Pressure Relief System

Soil Nailing Saves Distressed Timber Wall

Soil Mix Walls in Difficult Ground

A Deep Soil Mix Cutoff Wall at Lockington Dam, Ohio

Building A Barrier Wall Through Boulders
Engineers and contractors conceived a novel approach to a barrier wall at a difficult site near the Niagara River in New York State. The site had been contaminated by a chemical company...

Dredged Material Used in Sand-filled Containers for Scour and Erosion Control

Use of Abandoned Pipeline to Transport Sediment to Marshes

Seepage through Dike Walls of the Chicago Confined Disposal Facility

Flocculation Techniques Used for Dredging Operations

Stiffness of Low Rise Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls
This report, Stiffness of Low Rise Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls, was prepared by the Working Group on the Stiffness of Concrete Shear Wall...

Effect of First-Story Shearwalls on Earthquake-Resistant Buildings
A Practical system for earthquake-resistant building design is described. The system utilizes Teflon sliders at the top of the first story framed shearwalls to carry a portion of the superstructure....





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