Engineering Properties of FGD Sludges

Pulp and Papermill Solid Waste Disposal: A Review

Chemical Stabilization of SO2 Scrubber Sludges

Dike Rehabilitation Using Wood Chips

Geotechnical Aspects of Papermill Sludge Disposal

Containment Aspects, Scrubber Sludge Disposal System
Containment of flue gas desulfurization sludge from a coal-fired power plant was accomplished by Dravo Corporation in an environmentally acceptable manner through the construction of an...

A Look at Newer Methods for Dewatering Wastewater Sludges
The U.S. water cleanup effort is resulting in the production of huge quantities of additional sludge. Because of the difficulty of disposing of this sludge, it is usually dewatered. Although...

New Gravity/Pressure Unit Cuts Sludge Dewatering Costs
A new device for dewatering sludges from either industrial or municipal waste treatment plants promises to cut both initial capital and operating costs over more traditional methods such...

The Prairie Plan — A Comprehensive Recycle System

Composting Sewage Sludge at Beltsville, Maryland

Diffusion and Mixing Processes of an Ocean (Abstract)

Cut Slope in Consolidated Papermill Sludge

Monitoring Sludge Disposal — Mid-Atlantic Shelf

Sludges and Associated Problems Involving Agricultural Drains in Florida Wetlands

Sewage Treatment Plant Design
The purpose of this manual, Sewage Treatment Plant Design, is to summarize and interpret contemporary practice in the design of sewage treatment...

Concentration of Combined Primary and Activated Sludges in Separate Thickness Tanks

Compositing of Garbage and Sewage Sludge

Further Investigations of Concentration of Raw Sludge

Computing Coagulant Requirements in Sludge Conditioning

Discussion of "Computing Coagulant Requirements in Sludge Conditioning"





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