Kinetic Response of Activated Sludge Subjected to Intense Shear Gradients

Sludge Management for the San Francisco Bay Region

Rotor Aerator Field Tests

Gravity Thickening of Primary Phosphate Sludge

A Sludge Disposal Plan for the Boston Area

Sludge Handling Pilot Testing at San Jose

Dehydration and Energy Recovery from Sludge

Thickening and Conditioning of Chemical Sludges

Sludge Disinfection

Chemical Conditioning of Water Plant Sludges

Erratum for Can California Cope With Its Mounting Sludge Volume—

Can California Cope With Its Mounting Sludge Volume—
In California, prohibition of ocean disposal of sludge, stringent air quality standards, high energy cost, and scarcity of suitable sanitary landfills make the sludge management problem...

Sludge Pyrolysis: How Big a Future—
Pyrolysis is the destructive distillation of combustible elements by heat in the total absence of oxygen. Partial pyrolysis or starved air combustion is the gasification of a material...

Aerated-Pile Composting: A Promising New Alternative for Sewage Sludge Disposal
In the past several years, traditional methods of sludge disposal such as incineration and ocean dumping have come under fire from environmental groups and the EPA. This has sparked a...

Factors Affecting Digested Sludge Solids Separation

Sludge Compost Facility Design and Siting Criteria

Completely Mixed VS Contact Stabilization Activated Sludge: A Comparison Study

Sewage Sludge Handling System, Green Bay, WI

Oxygen Activated Sludge: Settleability Considerations

Characterization of Mixed-Metal Sludges





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