Health Effects Evaluation—Ocean Disposal of Sludge
Court rulings have recently allowed the ocean disposal of municipal wastewater sludge in certain cases. This paper describes a methodology which was developed to determine acceptable loadings...

Sludge Treatment Design Lands Innovative Funding
The design of sludge treatment facilities for the 10 mgd Ithaca, New York, wastewater treatment plant incorporates both proven technology in the form of gravity thickening and anaerobic...

Design and Operation of Belt Filter Presses
This report summarizes the findings of a study performed to identify and concisely document improved design and operation procedures for belt filter presses for municipal sludge that have...

Ocean Dumping at the Philadelphia Site; A Case Study
This study reviews the results of eleven years of investigation of the impact of ocean disposal of sewage sludge at the Philadelphia dumpsite. The site, located on the continental shelf...

Beneficial Use of Municipal Sewage in the Ocean
When sewage sludges and effluents are introduced in a properly controlled manner, they can be of benefit to large areas of the ocean. For example, benthic biomass and growth rates of commercially-valuable...

Oxygen Transfer Studies in Activated Sludge
A bench-scale research project was undertaken to evaluate the two-film model for predicting oxygen transfer rates in sparged suspended growth systems and to determine if interfacial oxygen...

Belt Filter Operation and Maintenance Survey (ASCE-WPMC Subcommittee Report)
This report summarizes the results of a national survey of municipal wastewater plant belt press installations conducted by an ASCE Task Committee in 1984. Data from 106 installations...

Slurry Trenches for Containing Hazardous Wastes
Slurry trench technology has not advanced much during the past 10 years due to a lack in research and development, the excerbated litigious climate in the environmental protection field,...

Reducing Lime Usage and Sludge Production in Dallas

Anaerobic Fluidized Beds for Sludge Digestion

Improving Grit Control Economics

New Technologies in Sludge Dewatering

Specific Resistance Measurements

Sludge Management Options for Erie County, N.Y.

Forced-Aerated Windrow Composting of Sewage Sludge

Modeling of Moisture Penetration through Cover for Uranium Mill Tailings Site

Modelling of PCP Shock Load in Activated Sludge

Comparison of Current Pressure Filter Sludge Dewatering Technologies

Biogas Utilization for Power Generation

Particle Interaction and Stability of Suspended Solids
The physics of particle interaction, which is responsible for the problem of the apparent tardy settling of suspended solids in tailings discharge slurries containing initially low concentrations...





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