Seismic Response of a Block on an Inclined Plane to Vertical and Horizontal Excitation Acting Simultaneously

Achieving Reliable Designs for Pipelines Traversing Unstable Slopes

Rapid Slope Monitoring
Use of inexpensive coaxial cable rather than inclinometers has cut the cost of monitoring slope movement at seven potential landslide sites in California. The method involved is called...

Reliability Methods for Stability of Existing Slopes

Probabilistic Slope Stability in Theory and Practice

Monte Carlo Simulation to Evaluate Slope Stability

Uncertainty in Back Analysis of Slopes

Transportation of Alaska North Slope Natural Gas to Market

Occurrence and Significance of Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia in Surface Waters on Alaska's North Slope

Using Spaceborne Imaging Radar to Identify Lake Water Resources on the Alaskan North Slope

Stabilization of a Creeping Slope Using Soil Nails

Mechanical Properties of Vitrified Soils

Employment of Electronic Sand Level Gauges for Measurement of Beach Slope Deformation on Norderney Island

Analyzing of Two Dimensional Slope Stability and Foundation Problems Considering Soil-Structure Interaction Effect

Studies on Wave, Current and Suspended Sediment Characteristics at the Surf Zone

Stability of a Steep Slope Supporting a Building

Soil Creep and Creep Testing of Highly Weathered Tropical Soils

Prediction and Performance of Municipal Landfill Slope

Stability Analysis of Landfill Slopes: A Probabilistic Approach

Probabilistic Analysis of Reinforced Soil Slopes





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