A Quantitative Risk Assessment and Risk Management Methodology for Natural Terrain in Hong Kong

Two Debris Flows with Anomalously High Magnitude

Identification of Coastal British Columbia Terrain Susceptible to Debris Flows

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Debris-Flow Occurrence on Slopes in the Eastern Alps

Final Covers for Solid Waste Landfills and Abandoned Dumps
This book presents the essential elements for the design of final covers for solid waste landfills and abandoned dumps. Chapter 1 gives an overview and presents selected aspects of regulations...

Estimating Diffusivity of Aquifers with Sloping Water Tables

The Influence of Hillslope Shape on Debris-Flow Initiation

Gradually Varied Debris Flow Along a Slope

Evaluation and Validation of the Mild Slope Evolution Equation Model Using Field Data

Waves on a 1:100 Slope: Experiments and Numerical Models

Wind Loads for Low-Rise Buildings on Escarpments

Drought Management in Northeastern Colorado
The Northern Colorado Water District (the District) has established a set of policies and procedures and constructed a water storage and distribution system that allows for the effective...

Instrumentation for Field Measurement of Abutment Scour
Prototype scour monitoring instruments were installed on a sloping abutment as part of a research project to develop scour instrumentation. Abutment installations create new and sometimes...

Managing Border Irrigation for Near-Zero Discharge
A dimensionless database of previously executed simulations of sloping-border irrigation with tailwater runoff constitutes the heart of design-aid software showing the effects on runoff...

Problem and Technical Solutions: The Seven Oaks Dam, Physical Elements of the Seven Oaks Dam Feature
Seven Oaks Dam is located in the upper Santa Ana Canyon approximately 1 mile from the canyon mouth. The site is 8 miles northeast of the city of Redlands in San Bernardino County on the...

Subcatchment Parameterization for Runoff Modeling Using Digital Elevation Models
Numerical algorithms are presented to estimate the length, width and slope of rectangular planes representing irregularly shaped overland contributing areas defined on raster Digital Elevation...

Scour-Hole Dimensions at Selected Bridge Piers in New York
Knowledge of scour-hole dimensions can be used by bridge engineers to deter mine the extent of countermeasures needed to prevent scour at bridge piers. Scour-hole widths at 128 piers,...

Design Guidelines for Bioengineered Bank Stabilization
Design of bioengineered slope stabilization measures in riverine environments to minimize rates of stream bank erosion requires accounting for hydrologic, hydraulic, geomorphic, geotechnical,...

Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationships in Fracture
Understanding and quantifying unsaturated flow through fractures in rocky slope is important for design and construction of drainage system in large-scale hydraulic engineering. The data...

Laboratory Experiments on Density Current Over a Sloping Bottom in Rotating Fluid





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