Riprap Stability Results from Large Test Channel
Velocity data from a large test channel were used to determine the distribution of depth-averaged velocity and shear stress on the side slope of both straight and curved channels. From...

A Model for Predicting the Properties of Three-Dimensional Negatively Buoyant Starting Plumes on a Sloping Surface

Tow-Tank Simulations of the Severe Downslope Wind

Geocomposite Waste Cell Capping System for Steep Slopes
Several geosynthetics manufacturers have developed new products with high surface friction characteristics for capping steep slopes. One such product has been developed that will satisfy...

Development of a Large Network Model to Evaluate the Yield of a Proposed Reservoir
The model simulates the operation of the Colorado River system upstream of Grand Junction, Colorado, and both the West Slope and the East Slope components of Colorado-Big Thompson system....

Friction Slope Computation for Mathematical Models
The behavior of the energy flow gradient as function of depth and velocity is analyzed for three flow resistance methods. In the paper, the necessary modifications introduced to the methods...

Highway Erosion Remedial Measures
Soil erosion from highway ditches, cut slopes and fill slopes present a continuous problem to roadway designers, geotechnical engineers, and construction and maintenance personnel from...

Model Study of Side Slope Riprap
Laboratory experiments were conducted in 10-m long channels having 1.5 H : 1 V side slopes protected with a 20.7-mm diameter rock layer 1.5 diameters thick. Four models were tested. In...

Bank Erosion: A Review of British Research
The paper summarizes recent contributions from British geomorphologists and hydrologists. This includes field measurements of processes, modeling of corrasion and mass failure, interactions...

Tunnel Maintenance Operations
Maintenance considerations during both the design and operational phases are very important to good tunnel maintenance. The use of proper materials able to withstand the rigorous environment...

Deposition at a New Dam Near Mount St. Helens
A sediment retention structure (SRS) is being constructed on the North Fork Toutle River in the state of Washington to trap sediments eroding off the 1980 Mount St. Helens debris avalanche....

Hillside Escalators in Hong Kong

A Study of Tranquillity Improvement in Marina By Numerical Computation Using Mild-Slope-Equation

Section One—Embankment Design and Construction in Cold Regions: An Overview

Modeling the Influence of Groundwater on Slope Stability

Centrifugal Model Studies of Crest Loaded Slopes

Thermal and Mechanical Erosion of Slopes and Beaches

Sand Bag Slope Protection: Design, Construction, and Performance

Concrete Mat Slope Protection for Arctic Applications

Arctic Slope Protection: Considerations for Ice





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