Biotechnical Stabilization of Cut & Fill Slopes

Finite Element Analysis of Slopes with Layer Reinforcement

A Design Method for Reinforced Clay Embankments on Soft Foundations

Two New Specialty Geotechnical Processes for Slope Stabilization

Pile Driving: Can it Cause Slope Movement?
The potential for slope movement from pile driving is examined in this paper. Published information is reviewed to identify the primary causes of movement, which are 1) displacement of...

Three Dimensional Modeling of Watershed Hydrology
A three dimensional finite element numerical model is developed for the first order watershed hydrology using 8-noded isoparametric brick elements. The 3-D subsurface flow in a hillslope...

Instability of Slopes with Nonassociated Flow
Experimental investigations of the conditions for instability have shown that granular materials may become unstable inside the failure surface. For states of stress below the failure...

The Evaluation of Slope Stability—A 25 Year Perspective

Seismic Response of Landfill Slopes

Conditions for Initiation of Rainfall-Induced Debris Flows

Site Qualification for Inclinometer Surveyng Using Tiltmeters

Design of a Neural Network Power Grasp Controller
An overview of research on the development of an artificial neural network controller used to implement power grasping on the DIGITS Grasping System is presented. The DIGITS System, under...

Wave Shoaling on Uniform Currents
The purposes of this paper are to investigate the characteristics of waves coexisting with uniform currents on a sloping bottom. The theoretical calculations of the third order approximation...

Public Involvement in the Safety Monitoring of Dams, Embankments and Slopes
New methods of safety monitoring of dams, embankments and slopes require automated data acquisition, data transmission and computer based data evaluation to provide immediate safety information...

Methodology for Optimizing Rock Slope Preventative Maintenance Programs
Rock slopes along transportation routes can fail in several different modes, with various types and magnitudes of consequences. The 'risks' associated with such...

A Data Acquisition System for Defining Geologic Structure and Site Characterization

Rotational Failure Mechanisms Using Multiple Friction Circles

Stabilities of Gentle Slope Seawall with Armour Unit

Relationship Between Longshore and Cross-Shore Transport
Radiation stress principles are shown to control both longshore and cross-shore wave induced stresses which in turn determine the major processes controlling sediment transport. Recent...

Engineering Methods for Predicting Beach Profile Response
This papers contains a review of so-called 'engineering methods' for predicting beach profile change based on equilibrium profile concepts. In the first part...





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