SLOPAS: A New Computer Program for Generalized Slope Stability Analysis

Multi-Layer Closure Cover Stability and Infiltration

Slope Restroration for a 100-Year Old Canal

Stability of Rock Chutes

Equilibrium Slope and Width Relationships in the Rio Grande Conveyance Channel Upstream of Elephant Butte Reservoir

Slow Moving Debris Flows in the Isère Valley, France

Seismic Performance of Hillside Fills

Exploration and Remediation of U.S. Route 189 Hoover Landslides

Instrumentation and Measurements of a Type-A Insert Wall

Foundation Repair Using Helical Screw Anchors

Innovative Cover Design for 2:1 Slopes Complying with California Closure Criteria

Geotechnical Monitoring of the OII Landfill

Canal Dike System Improvements

Analysis of the Creeping Behavior of a Natural Slope in Kentucky

Landslides in Glaciomarine Clays of Coastal Maine

A New LAX-WENDROFF Algorithm to Solve the Bed Continuity Equation With Slope Effect
The numerical simulation of mobile bed evolutions of seas, estuaries and rivers requires a morphological model, including the effects of waves, currents and sediment transport, as well...

Evaluation of Depth-Limited Wave Breaking Criteria
Numerous criteria exists for predicting incipient wave breaking. These criteria were verified with a limited number of data sets or under limited number of data sets or under limited beach...

A Simplified Method of Multistory-frame Analysis Including the P-Δ Effect
A simplified method of non-iterative analysis of rigid multistory-frames having vertical columns with different heights within the same story is developed by means of a modification to...

Footing Modulus Near Slopes
A method is described for estimating the footing modulus of shallow spread foundations located near slopes of cohesionless material. The ratio of footing modulus for a shallow foundation...

Settlement and Deformation Response of a Bridge Footing on a Sloped Fill
The problem of settlement of spread footings located within or near granular slopes has been investigated in the laboratory using a large testing facility. Based on these results, footings...





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