Assessment of Slab-Base Interaction in PCC Airfield Pavements

Low-Temperature Repair of the Ice Condenser Floor Slab at the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant

Mitigation of Void Development under Bridge Approach Slabs Using Rubber Tire Chips
The problem of void development under bridge approach slabs has been correlated to the use of integral abutment bridges (Schaefer and Koch, 1992). This void development then causes settlement...

Blast Response of Concrete Beams and Slabs Externally Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

Effect of Floor Slabs on Behavior of Full Moment Steel Connections

A Field Verified Load Rating Method for Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges

Vibration Characteristics of Foundation Slabs on a Two-Parameter Elastic Medium

Longitudinal Shear Resistance of Composite Slabs - To a Better Understanding of the Physical Behaviour

Effective Prestress and Creep Behavior in Two-Way Prestressed Steel Plate–Concrete Composite Slab

Shortcomings in Composite Slab Design Codes

Some Remarks on the Ultimate and Serviceability Checks of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams According to Eurocode 4

Composite Action in Slim Floor Systems

Bond in Thin Gauge Steel Concrete Composite Structures

An Improved Partial Connection Method for Composite Slab Design

The Effect of Composite Floor Slabs on the Behavior of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames in the Northridge Earthquake

Parameters and Definitions for Classifying the Behaviour of Composite Slabs

Theories of Incomplete Interaction in Composite Beams

Evaluation Protocol for Repair of Residences Damaged by Expansive Soils

Condition Assessment of a Tunnel Roadway Slab

Full Use of Arching in Deck Slabs (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
The use of arching concrete deck slabs allows engineers to safely reduce the amount of reinforcement at a significant overall cost savings. Engineers with the Ministry of Transportation...





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