Performance of Cogoti Dam Under Seismic Loading
At the time of its completion in 1938, the 280 ft (85 m) high Cogoti concrete face rockfill dam was exceeded in height by only one other dam of its type in the world, Salt Springs Dam....

New Exchequer Dam, California
New Exchequer Dam design, in 1963, was in the transition period in which dumped rockfill was being recognized as having undesirable settlement characteristics, and compaction of rockfill...

Proposed Design Criteria for Composite Steel Deck Slabs
Composite steel deck slabs have continued to gain popularity; today they are one of the predominant means of floor slab construction in most typical buildings. The term 'composite...

Fragility of Concrete Slabs

Pipe Impact on Concrete Slabs
A series of pipe impact on concrete slab tests have been performed at the CEA's Cadarache Laboratory using the AQUITAINE II facility. The testing program was jointly sponsored...

Stochastic Post-Failure Models of Buried Slabs

Effect of Baffles on Seismically Excited Tanks

Composite Slab with Stud Restraint

Dynamic Flexure-Shear-Thrust Interaction in RC Slabs

Full-Scale Shear Tests of Embedded Floor Modules

Reliability of R/C Slabs Subjected to Blast Loads

Holding Capacity of Vertical Anchor Slabs in Granular Soil

Dynamic Forces in Continuous Slab Railway Tracks

For Office Buildings: Long Span Concrete Slabs
A survey of 36 office buildings in the United States and Canada featuring long span concrete slabs showed concrete is a technically feasible and cost effective material for office structures....

The Behaviour and Design of Housing Slabs on Expansive Clays

A Model for Slab Foundations on Expansive Soils

Analysis of Stiffened Slabs-on-Ground over Expansive Soil

Legal Aspect of Expansive Soils

Nonlinear Analysis of Slabs

Modelling Climatic Effects on Clay Beneath Slabs





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