Navy Pier Design Improves Operation and Reduces Cost

Technical Issues Related to Emission Releases from Subslab Radon Mitigation Systems
Surveys of government and private sector radon mitigation activities indicate that subslab radon mitigation systems account for more than 50 percent of all installed systems. Such systems...

Estimating Soil Gas Flow Rates and Identifying Entry Routes in a Dwelling Using Multiple Perfluorocarbon Tracers
Passive monitoring of indoor air and below basement floor (subslab) soil gas for radon and perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) gas concentration was conducted to investigate the influence of...

RCC Storage Pads at Tooele Army Depot, Utah
Two 30. 5 m (100 foot) by 91. 4 m (300 foot) ammunition storage pads, each 381 mm (15 inches) thick, were constructed by the Sacramento District of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in...

Bearing Capacity and Settlement Characteristics of GEOWEB-Reinforced Earth Slabs

Highlights of New ASCE Standard on Composite Slabs

Recent and Proposed Developments to BS 5400: Part 5? Code of Practice for Design of Composite Bridges

A Light Gauge Structural Panel for Composite Flooring

Creep in Precast Concrete Composite Girders

Steel Plate and Concrete Composite Slab

Semi-Rigid Composite Construction

Prediction of Crack Width in Concrete Tension Flanges of Composite Beams

Composite Slabs with Profiled Sheeting

Behavior of Australian Composite Slabs

Elastic Design of Composite Slabs

Upper-Bound Estimate of the Reliability of Plastic Slabs
This paper gives a brief presentation of some recent results on probabilistic analysis of plastic slabs, especially reinforced concrete slabs. The estimate of the reliability of such slabs...

Effects of Random Material Properties and Loads
The variability of slab deflections is estimated from analytical expressions accounting for random variations of spatially distributed loads and material properties (stiffness parameters)....

Actual Versus Assumed Behaviour of Girder Bridges
It is generally believed that the discrepancies between calculated and actual responses of bridges can diminish, to the point of being nonexistent, with refinement in the method of analysis....

Inspectors Issued Lift Slab Guides

Lift Slab Building Goes Up Fast





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