Cross-Frame and Diaphragm Behavior in Skewed Bridges
The author examines the existing specifications and guidance for bracing provisions by AASHTO, AISC, and TxDot, and the need for developing bracing requirements....

A New Skew
Most bridges that cross roadways or other elements at a skewed angle are designed based on right-angle crossings with inefficient modifications. A new concept for skewed crossings is a...

Local Scour at Skewed Bridge Piers

Pier Scour on Slightly Skewed Double Bridges

The Effect of Flow Skew Angle on Sediment Scour Near Pile Groups

Cross-Shore Transport Processes during Onshore Bar Migration

Seismic Response of Bridges with Soil–Foundation Flexibilities and Skew Effects

Effect of Near-Bed Velocity Skewness on Cross Shore Sediment Transport

Easy, Concise Calculations for Eccentrically Loaded Welded Connections

Pier Scour on Slightly Skewed Double Bridges

Design Approaches to Shear Connections for Skewed Members in Steel Structures

On Communicating Hydrologic Risk

Evaluation of Sampling Properties of General Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution-L-Moments Vs Conventional Moments
The sample estimates of conventional moments are shown to be biased and this bias increases for small samples, and especially so when the skewness is high (Wallis et al., 1974). The recently...

Scour around Exposed Pile Foundations
Laboratory experiments were conducted to measure local scour around exposed pile groups for a variety of conditions including different spacings, different skew angles, different patterns...

The Effect of Approaching Flow Angles on the Local Scour at Semi-Circular Piers

Physical Testing of Two R/C Skewed Slab Bridges with Integral Wall Abutments
Two one-third scale models of an existing reinforced concrete skewed slab bridge with integral wall abutments were tested statically to failure. Typically, these bridges are designed using...

Vibration and Impact in Skewed Steel Bridges
The vibration and impact of skewed multigirder bridges due to vehicles moving across rough bridge deck are studied. The bridges are modeled as grillage beam systems. The vehicle is simulated...

Additional Years of Record and Peak Discharge
The effect of additional years of stream gaging records is analyzed for stream gages in Nebraska. Frequency estimates are based on procedures outlined in Bulletin 17B, including skew coefficient...

Local Scour at Skewed Bridge Piers
Presented herein are experimental data showing the influence of pier skewness, also referred to as angle of attack, on depth of local scour at rectangular and oblong bridge piers. The...

Rainfall Depth-Duration-Frequency Analysis for Major Cities in Taiwan
The annual series of extreme rainfall amounts for various durations are compiled. The statistics such as mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, coefficient of skewness, and...





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