Using Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering Practice

Constitutive Models: Tools for Advanced Analysis of Geotechnical Problems

Ford's Theatre Rehabilitation Strengthens, Modernizes Historic Site

Women in Engineering
Pioneers and Trailblazers
Women in Engineering: Pioneers and Trailblazers introduces the visionary women who opened the door for today's female engineers....

CoreBits: G-I Organizational Member News—Highland Avenue Water Treatment Plant Grand Opening; Geocon Ranks #1 Geotechnical Consultant for State Parks and Recreation; Geosyntec Helps Client Build Credibility with Regulators and Citizens; GeoStructures, Inc.Become Green Certified; Geotechnology Celebrates 25th Anniversary; Golder Associates Signs Copenhagen Communique; Gregg Drilling Implements Site Safety Initiative; Nicholson Selected for Army Corps of Engineers Contracts; Terracon Expands Services and Presence in Southeast; URS Awarded Construction Services Contracct by U. S. Navy

NewsBriefs: Job Web Site Discerns Trends, Includes Construction and Design

NewsBriefs: Social Utility Site Will Benefit Design and Construction Industry

CoreBits: G-I News — International Foundation Congress and Equipment Exposition 2009 IFCEE .09; New Students Section on G-I Web Site; Have You Answered the Question-of-the-Month?; G-I Board Supports Briaud ISSMGE Candidacy; Become a G-I Board Governor; New Student Presidential Group; Soil Constitutive Modeling for Engineers: Fundamentals, Evaluation, and Calibration

Preserving an Historic Structure at the World Trade Center Site

Incorporating Site Characterization Data into Contaminant Concentration Interpolations for Long-Term Monitoring Optimization
Long – term monitoring (LTM) networks are installed for groundwater remediation systems to evaluate the performance of various remediation processes and to track the variation of contaminant...

Watershed Modeling for Surface-Groundwater Interaction
Groundwater use has increased rapidly due to irrigation development in the Great Plains. This is especially true in the Republican Basin that intersects the three states of Nebraska, Kansas...

Optimization of Well Placement in Groundwater Long Term Monitoring Networks
Long Term Monitoring (LTM) networks play critical roles in tracking the migration of contaminants in groundwater, evaluating the efficiency of the existing remediation techniques, and...

Optimal Resource Allocation for the Cleanup of Petroleum Contaminated Sites
Site rehabilitation is conducted in many states using a risk-based corrective action process wherein alternative remedial actions are evaluated and implemented, depending on the level...

The Need for Geotechnical Investigation
Knowledge of the subsurface conditions is needed to decide which type of foundation to use. In the discontinuous permafrost zone, some generalizations may be made about the location of...

Adjustable Foundation Design Development Innovations in Arctic Engineering
The purpose of adjustable foundation systems is to accommodate a wide variety of soils, including those which have low bearing capacity or which may be subject to settlement and/or horizontal...

Corebits: Allied Organizations — ISSMGE's Fifth International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics; India Selected as Site for 12 IACMAG Conference; AGI Announces Award Winner

NewsBriefs: AMEC To Help Clean Up Nuclear Waste Site (AMEC)

Mitigating Health Risk associated with the Palos Verdes Superfund Site

A Knowledge-Based Decision Support System for Selection of Recharge Pond Sites for Streamflow Augmentation of Waterfowl Habitat

In the Field: Construction Site Safety Initiative Aimed at Engineering and Designing





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