Infiltration Properties at Two Sites in the Konza Prairie
The spatial variability of soil hydraulic properties that govern infiltration were investigated at a pristine site and an agricultural site in the Konza Prairie Research Area of east-central...

Microbial Studies in the Canadian Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Program

Deep Geological Disposal Programs in Preparation and Under Development

Indian Programme on Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Distribution and Nutrient Limitations of Heterotrophic Bacteria from Yucca Mountain

Naturally-Occurring Chemical Analogues for Repository-Derived Radionuclides

An Assessment of Future Volcanic Hazard at Yucca Mountain

Evaluation of Geological Formations of West Ukraine from the Standpoint of Raw Disposal

Simulation and Observation of ESF Tunnel Effects on Barometric Conditions

Current Status of Paleohydrologic Studies at Yucca Mountain and Vicinity, Nevada

Coupled Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Hydrochemistry in the Sellafield Area

Groundwater Flow Modelling at the Olkiluoto Site, Finland

Indirect Evidences for Quantification of Groundwater Flow: Assessment of the Consistency of Geohydrological Groundwater Flow Models and Hydrochemical Mixing/Reaction Models of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Nine-Component Vertical Seismic Profiling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

A Radiological Disadvantage for Siting a Repository at Yucca Mountain

Sensitivity Studies of Unsaturated Groundwater Flow Modeling for Groundwater Travel Time Calculations at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Evaluation of Groundwater Travel-Time Calculations for Yucca Mountain

Design Control and Scientific Investigations—Is There Any Linkage?

Quality Assurance Plays a Key Role in Getting the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to Operational Status





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