Casa Grande: Survey and Analysis of Structural Stability of a Hohokam Monument

Two-Dimensional Ethanol Floods of Toluene in Homogeneous, Unconfined Aquifer Media

Cleanup of PCE-Contaminated Groundwater Using an Integrated Pump-and-Treat and Vapor Extraction System

Performance Monitoring for Source Stabilization

Electrophoresis: Innovative Technique to Repair Leaking Impoundments

Geotechnical Baseline Reports for Underground Construction

Analysis of Productivity on a Tunnel Operation Using Computer Simulation

Construction Field Data Collection Using the Digital Hardhat

A Decision Support System for the Residential Land Development Site Selection Process

Financial Feasibility in Land Development

Hand-Held Communication for Construction Supervision

Innovative Treatment of Contaminated Soils-QA/QC Procedures

Controlling Quality on the Jobsite

Framing the Need for Uncertainty Analysis in Superfund Public Health Assessments

Quality Control for Monitoring Programs for Hydrogeologic Projects

Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has prepared this Manual, Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations, to provide an introduction for...

Environmental Site Investigation Guidance Manual
This manual, Environmental Site Investigation, was prepared as a guidance on procedures for investigating and characterizing a site that may...

The Return of Masonry as a Structural Material

Dynamic Response of Hagia Sophia

Shear Dispersion in the Benthic Boundary Layer





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