Sinking a Sewer Line
The design and construction of a sanitary sewer siphon using high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in San Juan, Puerto Rico, provided Black & Veatch with a challenging opportunity...

Tests of a Siphon-Shaft Spillway with Cylindrical Hoods

Sediment Bypass System for Spalding Dam, Nebraska

Soap Lake Siphon Receives Rehabilitation

Mitigating Thermal Effects of Stormwater Management Ponds Using a Groundwater Syphon

Belden Siphon Slope Remediation Project

Sewer Crossing of Creek with Bridge Widening

Performance of a Passively Refrigerated Gravel Pad Foundation in Fairbanks

Weatherford Water Supply Reservoir Radial Labyrinth Spillway

Yellowman Siphon Rehabilitation

Algorithm for Siphon-operated LPD Sewage Manifolds

Rehabilitation of Belle Isle Siphon in Boston, Massachusetts

An Experimental Study of Bivalve Siphonal Jets in a Turbulent Boundary Layer Crossflow
We conducted experiments in a laboratory flume to study the interaction of bivalve siphonal jets with the turbulent boundary layer which forms in the benthic region of shallow estuaries....

Television and Scanning Sonar in Seattle Metro's Siphons and Brick Sewers
Comprehensive and often costly investigations are required in order to identify performance deficiencies of the pipeline in sewer systems, particularly when sewers in excess of 48-inch...

Hydraulic Design of a Low Submergence Siphon Intake

The Big No-Dig
As part of the Boston Harbor cleanup project, engineers will have the opportunity to make a rare, side-by-side comparison of open-cut construction and no-dig technology during the Wellesley...

Design Criteria for Sanitary Sewer Inverted Siphons and Airline Crossings

Case Study: Central Oregon Siphon Power Project Mitigating Local Concerns
In the early 1980's, 18 hydroelectric projects were proposed for development on the Deschutes River system in Central Oregon. Strong local opposition was a major factor in...

Waterpower 91—Laboratory Investigation of Syphon Intakes
The Federal Department of Energy, Mines and Resources (Canada) has funded four separate investigations of syphon hydro technology. These study phases, which were carried out by Acres Hydraulic...

Slurry Removal From a 2-D Fluidized Region
A two-dimensional fluidization experiment is performed on fine sand with a 5.08 cm diameter source pipe with horizontally opposed orifices, 0.317 cm in diameter, spaced 5.08 cm. Slurry...





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