Sinkholes in Dams of Coarse, Broadly Graded Soils (Paper introduced by Jean Lafleur)

Stabilizing a `Mann'-Sized Sinkhole
On Sept. 21, 1988, a sinkhole suddenly developed beneath a transmission/distribution effluent pipeline on Mann Road in Orange County, FL. Initially it measured 30 ft in diameter and 8...

Evaluating Sinkhole Hazards in Mantled Karst Terrane
Sinkholes are the most serious geologic hazard in karst terrane because they can damage structures, drain ponds and lakes, and allow direct infiltration of groundwater contamination. The...

Sinkhole Rectification by Compaction Grouting
The unraveling of the overburden by solution activity in karst formations has caused many problems in existing structures and has generated high foundation costs on new construction. Slurry...

Geotechnical Aspects of Karst Terrains
Exploration, Foundation Design and Performance, and Remedial Measures
The presence of solution cavities in karst terrains poses some unique problems in site exploration, design of foundations, and in remediation of problems with existing structures. Case...

Alternative Methods for Representing Sinkholes in Three-Dimensional Ground Water Flow Models
Two methods of representing the sinkholes in central Florida were investigated with a three-dimensional finite element model recently developed by Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. Both...

Containment of Textile Waste Using a Geomembrane
A wastewater treatment plant for a textile mill incorporated two 2. 7 million gallon aeration ponds which had originally been lined with clay. The clay liner leaked and caused the formation...

Predicting Sinkhole Collapse
Sinkholes erupt when a cavern or opening in the limestone rock below opens up to the surface. Florida's sinkholes have received most U.S. attention recently, but sinkhole...

Induced Sinkholes: An Engineering Problem
Induced sinkholes are those related to man's activities, whereas natural sinkholes are not. Induced sinkholes are divided into two types: those resulting from a decline in...

Remote Sensing Study of Sinkhole Occurrence

Subsidence — A Review

Assessment of Localized Subsidence (Before the Fact)

Ground Surface Subsidence Due to Coal Mine Collapse

Guidelines for Housing Construction in Mine Subsidence Areas

Studies of Thermo-Mechanical Subsidence Associated with Underground Coal Gasification

Instrumentation Systems for Mining Subsidence

Analysis of Subsidence over Soft-Ground Tunnels

A Review of the Methods Used in Investigation of Subsidence

Prediction of Land Subsidence for Irrigation Canals

Land Subsidence of Ravenna and Its Similarities with the Venice Case





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