Geotechnical Design Over Karst. It's All About the Water
Karst is a type of topography which is formed over soluble rocks, such as limestone, dolomite, or gypsum. An irregular bedrock surface is typical of most karst areas, along with sinkholes,...

Sinkhole Investigation and Grouting: Novel Recommendations for a Pipeline Right-of-Way
In 2009, numerous sinkholes developed within and adjacent to a 400-ft-long section of high-pressure, petroleum pipeline right-of-way that crosses under a local creek in Plymouth Meeting,...

Karst-Related Sinkholes: Dynamic Compaction as an Effective Remediation Option
The paramount issue to address before constructing at sites underlain by karst topography is identification and remediation of sinkholes which exist close to the surface, and specifically...

A Design Theory for Compaction Grouting
(Originally published in Grouting, Soil Improvement, and Geosynthetics (Geotechnical Special Publication No. 30), 1992, 215-228.)...

Wastewater Trickling Filter Sinkhole Remediation with Limited Mobility Displacement Grouting

Hazard and Resource Considerations in Site Development in Virginia Karst

Sinkhole Remediation beneath a Damaged Structure

Case Closed
In June 1993, a massive sinkhole developed in a surface parking lot of a hotel facility in Georgia. The hole was a result of the soil erosion associated with a failed, 4-meter diameter...

Flooding-Induced Mine Subsidence at Retsof, New York

Replacing a Bridge Adjacent to a Deep-Seated Sinkhole in Glacial Deposits

Eagle Ridge Mall Sinkhole: Haines City, Florida

Geophysical Surveys of a Known Karst Feature: Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Case Study: Site Characterization Methods in Karst

Experience in Underground Storage of Crude Oil in Salt

Sinkhole Solution (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)
In the summer of 1998, a large sinkhole developed overnight in the center of the two-year-old Eagle Ridge Mall in Haines City, FL. The surface depression measured approximately 4.3 m deep...

Grouting to Control Coal Mine Subsidence

Design and Construction of a Compaction Grouting Program to Remediate a Highway Over Karst

Dynamic Duo
From the record-breaking 22 nominees for the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) award this year, two very different projects were singled out for Merit Awards. The Fred Hartman...

Flood Damage Mitigation Efforts in a Small Mountainous Community in Jamaica
About 60 percent of the mountainous Caribbean island of Jamaica is underlain by karstic limestone. 'Sinkholes' in this limestone form the natural outlets to many surface waters. During...

A Design Theory for Compaction Grouting





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