Liquefaction Flow Failure of Silty Sand by Torsional Cyclic Tests
The use of undrained strain-controlled cyclic torsional loading of anisotropically consolidated triaxial specimens (CyT-CAU tests), is proposed for evaluating liquefaction flow failure...

Uplift Capacity of Helical Anchors in Clay and Silt
The results of a study on the uplift capacity of helical anchors in clay and silt are presented. Full-scale field tests and one-quarter scale laboratory tests were conducted in each soil...

Draghead Designs vs. Production
This paper discusses the development and design of draghead configurations for silt materials and describes a testing program designed to determine the most efficient range of the controllable...

Incipient Resuspension of Silt-Clay Sediment
The laboratory study of incipient motion of fine-grained cohesive sediment under oscillatory flow, unidirectional flow and the combined effects of oscillatory and unidirectional flow is...

A Nebraska Power District's Experience in Stabilizing by Silt Injection
The structures, rolled earth and concrete, of the Central Nebraska Project are constructed on foundations of loessial soils that range from a few feet to more than 100 feet in depth. The...

Shear Strength of Soils Subjected to a Single Rapid Loading

Acoustic Silt Density Measurement
Significant savings can be achieved on the costs of operations for the deepening and maintenance of navigation channels and harbor basins in muddy areas provided that computations are...

Man's Interaction with Rivers: U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Overview

Primary Rippling of a Flat, Cohesionless Silt Bed

Slope Stability in Coarse Sediments

Scouring Effects of Water Jets Impinging on Non-Uniform Streambeds

Desilted Irrigation Water: A Case Study

Estimating In Situ Shear Moduli at Competent Sites

Cyclic Loading of Sands, Silts and Clays

Reservoir Outlet Extended Above Silt to Prevent Clogging
Accumulation of silt in an on-stream water storage reservoir almost completely buried the concrete tower originally provided as an outlet intake shaft for releasing stored water through...

Channel Siltation Determined with Side-Scan Radar
Of the new electronic means to measure water depth, side-scan sonar is unusual in that it gives not just a cross-section of the bottom but a semi-3-D picture of the bottom surface. Experienced...

Silt Curtains for Dredging Turbidity Control

Case History - Embankment Failure on Soft Varved Silt

Analyses and Recrods - Dutch Hollow Dam

A Preload on Silty Fine Sand





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