Shear Transfer Behavior of a 30-in. Pile in Silty Clay

Discussion of The Standard Penetration Test
(Originally published in Proc. of the Fourth Panamerican Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, ASCE, San Juan, Puerto Rico,1971....

Environmental Technology Verfication Report for Installation of Silt Fence Using the Tommy Static Slicing Method
Prepared by the Environmental Technology Evaluation Center (EvTEC), a CERF Innovation Center. This verification report describes a field evaluation...

Experimental Studies on the Estimation of Deposition and Erosion Parameters of Silty Mud

Evaluation of the Siltation Processes in the Navigation Channel of the Damietta Harbour at the Northeastern Nile Delta Coast of Egypt

Stability of Dredged Silt Placed on an Eroding Estuarine Foreshore

Characterization of Saprolite Heterogeneities Using Innovative Techniques

Liquefaction of Silts and Silt-Clay Mixtures

Intergranular Void Ratio - Steady State Strength Relations for Silty Sands

Field Applications of Explosive Compaction in Silty Soils and Numerical Analysis

Interaction Between Soil and Geotextile Reinforcement

Desilting of Water Reservoirs in Algeria by Dredging. Study Case: The Fergug Reservoir

Managing Sediments in Reservoirs at FERC
Reservoir siltation has negative effects on water resource development projects. The impact of sedimentation on FERC's licensed hydropower developments is often quite significant....

Impacts due to Density Current Deposition in Reservoirs
Different flow pafterns of density currents in reservoirs are discussed. In delta region, lateral density currents from non-stratified flow in the main channel occurs resulting in floodplain...

On Silt Abrasion Erosion of Three Gorges Hydraulic Turbine in the Future
In this paper the basic parameters of Three Gorges hydraulic turbine have been reviewed and the operation characteristics of Three Gorges hydropower Station pointed out. Combined with...

Vertical Migration of Diesel into Silty Sand Subject to Cyclic Freeze-Thaw

Stress and Temperature Effects on Silt Frost Heave

Simulation on Hydraulic Scale Model of Sand and Silt Transport in the Lower Mississippi River

Geomorphic History of the Red River of Louisiana and Texas

Erosion Characteristics of Cohesive Sediments





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