Colloid Stability in a Proposed Nuclear Waste Repository

Dam Safety — Morris Sheppard Dam Rehabilitation

Progress in Understanding the Structure and Thermodynamics of Calcium Silicate Hydrates

Cementing Action in Non-Portland Cement Systems: Sulpho-Pozzolanic and Silico-Pozzolanic Reactivity

Silica Fume (Microsilica) Fundamentals for Use in Concrete

Effect of Fly Ash and Silica Fume on Alkali Silica Reactions

Integration of Multiple Advanced Analytical Techniques to Study Alkali Silica Reactivity in Concrete Railroad Ties

Service Life Prediction, ASR Deterioration

Repair of Abrasion/Erosion Damage to Vallecito Dam with Silica Fume Concrete

Optimization of Curing of Silica Fume Concrete

The Influence of Water Glass on the Technological Parameters of Shotcrete
Shotcrete used in tunneling must follow a clearly defined early strength development in order to comply with stresses from rock deformations and drilling and blasting. Accelerators are...

Advances in Dry Shotcrete Technology by Means of Microsilica
During the last decade microsilica has been increasingly used to improve both wet and dry mix shotcrete. In the traditional dry process microsilica is blended in the dry mixture. Since...

ASTM C666 (A) Freeze-Thaw Durability of Air-Entrained Wet- and Dry-Mix Shotcrete
In order to assess the freeze-thaw durability of shotcrete, six samples of dry-mix shotcrete and one sample of wet-mix shotcrete were mixed outdoors at Hydro-Quebec's research institute...

Remedial Grouting at Calero Dam
This paper describes the design and construction of a remedial grout curtain to resolve a long-standing seepage condition at Calero Dam, located at the south end of the highly-populated...

Development of High Performnance Shotcrete (Theoretical Considerations)
This paper presents some theoretical considerations for studies on high performance wet-mix shotcrete. A new laboratory shotcrete pump and rheometer are being developed to study the effects...

Silica Fume Concrete: A Solution to Steel Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete
This paper discusses the utilization of silica fume concrete admixture to prevent reinforcing steel corrosion. The mechanism of steel corrosion in salt impregnated concrete is described,...

Utilization of Industrial By-Products for Construction Materials
The United States is a major producer of agricultural, industrial, mining, and municipal waste materials in the world. Traditional methods of waste disposal most often have resorted to...

Effects of Mixing on Rheological Properties of Microfine Cement Grout

Microfine Cement/Sodium Silicate Grout

Mechanical Properties of Microfine Cement/Sodium Silicate Grouted Sand





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