Approaches to Expanding Monitoring Beyond Water Quality

The Impact of Urban Stormwater Runoff on Freshwater Wetlands and the Role of Aquatic Invertebrate Bioassessment

Initial Fabric and Uniformity of a Sand Specimen - An Image Analysis Approach

Basis of License Plate Recognition and a New Approach

STACKER: A Visual Basic Tool to Help Teach the Direct Stiffness Method

Fish Bioacoustics: Considerations for Hydropower Industry Workers

Update on Juvenile Fish Bypass at Rocky Reach Dam

Thermography Applications in Hydroelectric Powerplants

Leakage Evaluation of a Buried Aqueduct

A Study of the Practicality of Acoustic Tomographic Imaging for the NDE of Concrete Structures

Non-Linear Methods for Analysis of Long-Term Beach and Nearshore Morphology

Flood Risk Analysis in the Upper Adriatic Sea Due to Sea Level Rise and Land Subsidence

Digital Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Initial Experiences with Particle Image Velocimetry Applied to Particulate Flows

Flow Structures and Mixing Processes Around Porous and Submerged Spur Dikes

A First Attempt of Analysis of Coastal Physical Models by Means of Numerical Model

SEAM3D: A Numerical Model for Three-Dimensional Solute Transport and Sequential Electron Acceptor-Based Bioremediation in Groundwater

Conditioning Three-Dimensional Velocity Fields on Measurements in Heterogeneous Geological Media

Groundwater Flow and Stochastic Inverse Modeling: The Case-Study of Bagueixe Fractured Aquifer, in Portugal

Effect of Horizontal Anisotropy on Head, Flow and Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Alluvial Regions





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