Preliminary Evaluation Findings for Ice Ban
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report describes results obtained from the field evaluation...

Coastal Erosion: The State of the Problem and the Problem of the State

Visual Programming in Data Acquisition Applications

Imaging Technologies
Techniques and Applications in Civil Engineering
This proceedings includes the papers submitted to the Second International Conference on Imaging Technologies: Techniques and Applications in Civil Engineering sponsored by the Engineering...

Pulse-Echo Microwave Tomographic Imaging and Object Recognition for NDE of Civil Structures and Materials

Using Imaging Technologies in Experimental Geotechnics

Littoral Processes, Sediment Budget and Coast Evolution in Vietnam

Sediment Transport in the Barataria Basin

Applying Integrated Corridor Control in Glasgow

Breaker Bar Dynamics Predicted by Kalman Filtering

PIACON: Traffic Control Method with Video Feedback

Coastal Sediment Transport on Shingle Beaches

Evaluation of the ChemTech Soil Treatment Process to Clean Up Metals and Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils

Visualization of Wave Kinematics on the World Wide Web: an Interactive Instructional Tool

Ground Motions in Washington State from Subduction Zone Earthquakes

Design Factors for the Next-Generation Highway Data Vehicle

Wave Analysis Using New Harmonic Phase Tracking

Biological Impact of Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction Activities in Receiving Streams

The Value of Hydrologic Information in Hydropower System Operations

Bioassessment for Intermittent Central Texas Streams





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