Potential for Anaerobic Treatment of Airport Deicing Fluids

Wave-Current Interaction off the Holderness Coast

Mixing Processes due to Breaking Wave Activity in the Coastal Zone

Diffraction in a Spectral Wave Model

A Regional Attempt to Implement Bar-Code Control in Construction Projects

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Using a Biofiltration System in Duluth, Minnesota

Stability of Biological Engineering Methods

4-D Annotator: A Visual Decision Support Tool for Construction Planners

Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation
This volume, Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation contains the papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on...

The Impact of 3-D Visualization on Construction Planning

Vehicle Emission Impacts of Alternative Traffic Control Strategies

Physicochemical and Biological Mechanisms of Soil Clogging: An Overview

An Aerial Video System for Rapidly Measuring Sand Bar Morphology

Recovery of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Anaerobically Treated Wastes Using Struvite Precipitation

Beach Restoration as a National Policy

Wind and Wave Climate of the Black Sea: Progress of the NATO TU-WAVES Project

Neural Network Models for Predicting Stop and Stopped Delay for Individual Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

Numerical Image Processing in Centrifuge Testing

Performance Evaluation of an Aerated Lagoon Under Summer and Winter Conditions

Wave and Sedimentation Modeling for Bahia San Juan de Dios, Mexico





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