An Overview of the Simultaneous Perturbation Method for Efficient Optimization

Sediment Fluxes in a Tideless Fetch-Limited Inner Shelf: The Ebro Delta

Environmental Engineering '99
This proceedings, Environmental Engineering 1999, contains summaries of papers presented at the 1999 National Conference on Environmental Engineering...

Beach, Dune and Offshore Profile Response to a Severe Storm Event

California and the World Ocean '97
Ocean Resources: An Agenda for the Future
The conference, California and the World Ocean '97 (CWO '97), was organized by the Coastal Zone Foundation and Resources Agency of California. CWO '97...

Analysis of the Current Situation of Green Waves in Munich

Quantitative Estimations of Bar Dynamics from Video Images

Cyclic Bar Behavior Viewed by Video Imagery

Prediction of Aggregated-Scale Coastal Evolution

Interaction of Floating Breakwaters with the 2DH Hydrodynamic Processes in the Coastal Zone

Sand Bar Dynamics and Offshore Beach Nourishment

An Intermodal Transportation Planning Decision Suppport & Visualization System

Modeling the Great Lakes Net Basin Supplies Series Using SAMS

Visualization for Analysis of Environmental Data

Spectral and Bispectral Analysis for Nonlinear Leaky Phreatic Aquifer Systems Subject to Time Variable Inputs

On the Regular Wave Kinematics

Monitoring and Modeling Bio-Available Phosphorus in an Effluent Dominated River

Bioavailability and Reductive Dechlorination of Sediment-Bound Chlorinated Benzenes

Limited Aeration of Methanogenic Systems for Treatment of Sulfate-Containing Wastewater

Biological Sludge Stabilization Reactor Evaluations





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