Space and Time Scales of Shoreline Change at Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Storm-Related Change of the Northern San Mateo County Coast, California

Inlet Division and Coastal Instability Following Tidal Prism Diversion

Natural Evolution of an Artificial Inlet

The Columbia River Littoral Cell: A Sediment Budget Overview

Synthesizing Geological Observations and Processes–Response Data for Modeling Coastal Change at Management Scale

Spits and Nesses: Basic Processes and Effects on Long-Term Coastal Morphodynamics

Sedimentation Patterns of a Tidal Flat in the Westerschelde Estuary

A GIS-Linked Flood and Erosion Prediction System for Lake Michigan

Coastal Response to a Detached Breakwater System: Presque Isle, Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Statistical Characterization of Nearshore Morphodynamic Behavior

Evaluation of the Siltation Processes in the Navigation Channel of the Damietta Harbour at the Northeastern Nile Delta Coast of Egypt

The Development of a Coastal Aerial Mapping System (CAMS) and Its Application to the Study of Coastal Morphodynamics

Aircraft Laser Altimetry for Coastal Process Studies

Argus-Based Monitoring of Intertidal Beach Morphodynamics

Beach, Dune and Offshore Profile Response to a Severe Storm Event

Sediment Dynamics and Profile Interactions of a Beach Nourishment Project

Perpetual Pilots
Because testing new processes, treatment chemicals, and operational modifications is difficult in full-scale water treatment facilities, many utilities are installing permanent pilot plants....

Measurements of Bioavailable Copper in Simulated Tomato Field Runoff and Estuary Mesocosms

The Efficiency of a Peat Biofilter Treatment System and the Impacts on Groundwater Quality





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