Private and Public Rights in the Beach and Shore in California

Effectiveness of Marine Life Refuges on Southern California Shores

An Underpinning Solution to a Persistent Foundation Settlement Problem

Long-Term Observations of Migrating Shore-Normal Bars

Compaction Grouting at Tip of Sheetpile Shoring

Shoring as a Bid Item

The Causes of Trenching Related Fatalities and Injuries

A One-Dimensional Cross-Shore Transport Model

Stochastics of Sediment Transport, Shore Evolution and Their Input

Field and Laboratory Measurements of Shoring Loads

Analysis of Shoring Loads Using Field Data

Mitigation Measures for Eroding Muddy Shores
A criterion for the stability of muddy coasts is proposed, accounting for bottom resistance, hydrodynarnic forcing and sediment supply. Although qualitative, this criterion provides a...

For Sure Shores
Fighting a long history of beach-destroying structures and man-made inlets, coastal engineers are finding that the answer to beach erosion lies in a deeper understanding of its dynamic...

Validation of a Model for Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

Multiscale Shore Variability at Two Coasts

Construction Shoring Load Measurements

Modeling Oil Deposition on Shorelines and Re-Entrainment

Shoring Up a Cultural Pillar
With the grand opening of its new addition this past spring, the Denver Central Library took a giant step to quadrupling its size and bringing the library into the information age while...

Morphological Study of Mediterranean Shore

Bender Park Development Milwaukee County, Wisconsin





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