Engineering and Planning Considerations for Boating Facilities Siting on the California Coast

Mitigating Runoff Pollution Into South Shore Bays of Long Island, New York

Managing Shore Development in British Columbia

Coastal Zone Management: A Guide for Civil Engineers

Gravel Mining and Land Development Can Go Hand in Hand
A gravel mine located adjacent to a natural area of delicate ecology, near Boulder, Colorado, has led to new approaches in mining and land reclamation. A method of progressive reclamation...

Chicago Metro ? North Shore Channel Reaeration

The Coastal Zone: Battleground and Classroom
The coastal zone of the nation is becoming the battleground for opposing energy and environmental interests. The Coastal Zone Management Law of 1972 asked that each state prepare a coastal...

Economics of Water Transportation for South Shore Work Trip Commuters to Boston

Management Strategies for National Seashores

Stabilization of Shorelines by Use of Artificial Headlands and Enclosed Beaches

Shoreline Changes in the Lee of a Breakwater

Potential Shoreline Impacts from Proposed Structures at Point Conception, California

Mitigation of Shore Damage in the Great Lakes

Data Requirements for Shore Protection Regulations

Needed: A Moratorium for the U. S. Coastlines

Who's Minding the Shore?

Filter Fabrics in Shore-Protection Structures: Save Money, Ease Installation
Over the past decade, plastic filter fabrics have seen growing use in shore-protection structures (e.g. revetments, breakwaters, jetties), river-bank protection schemes, and other areas...

Sled Mounted Hydro-Jet Injector Buries Transatlantic Cable
A need for reliable and uninterrupted overseas telephone communications required that the transatlantic cable (TAT 5) be placed in a secure position below the ocean floor where it could...

Can Trench Cave-In Deaths Be Cut�
About 100 construction workers die each year in trench cave-ins. That toll can be cut, two engineer-researchers conclude. Approach would be to make more-adequate geotechnical analysis...

Diffraction of Waves by a Shore-Connected Breakwater





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