Directionality of Cross-Shore Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone under High-Energy Conditions

Shoreface Bedforms and Cross-Shore Sand Fluxes Measured Using an Enhanced Sea Sled

Cross-Shore Transport and Profile Evolution at Duck, North Carolina

Cross-Shore Transport Processes during Onshore Bar Migration

Space and Time Scales of Shoreline Change at Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Modeling Cross-Shore Sediment Transport at Different Scales Using Equilibrium Beach Profile Theory

Regional Geologic Characteristics along the South Shore of Long Island, New York

Long Island's South Shore Beaches: A Century of Dynamic Sediment Management

Field Monitoring of Copper Concentrations in Estuaries and Creeks of Virginia's Eastern Shore

Quasi-Seasonal Morphological Shore Evolution Response to Variable Wave Climate

Effect of Long Waves on Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Rates

Effect of Near-Bed Velocity Skewness on Cross Shore Sediment Transport

The Equivalent Shore Method

Cross-Shore Sand Transport and Bed Composition

Field Studies of Shore Evolution

Modeling of Seasonal Variations by Cross-Shore Transport Using One-Line Compatible Methods

Cross-Shore Variability of Infragravity Wave Pressure and Velocities on a Barred Beach

Shoring Up Lake Shore Drive
A $101 million roadway relocation project in Chicago, winner of a 1998 Outstanding Civil Engineering Award (OCEA) of Merit, reunited the north- and southbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive...

General Overview of the Coastline in Todos Santos Bay

Investigations and Governmental Cooperation on the Coastal and Marine Impact of Oil Spill Responsiveness to Recent Shore Based Spills in Central California





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