Behaviour-Oriented Models of Shoreface Evolution

Time Series Analysis of Long-Term Beach Level Data from Lincolnshire, UK

South Carolina Coastal Erosion Study: Inlet Morphodynamics and Sediment Transport

The Use of an Equivalent Porosity Method to Model Flow in Marshes
Two dimensional modeling of marshes under unsteady flow conditions often involves description of sections that alternately wet and dry. The equivalent porosity method (King and Roig, 1988;...

The Fate of Pathogenic Organisms in Mamala Bay
The fate of enteric organisms in Mamala Bay is studied using coupled hydrodynamic and pathogen fate models. The purpose of the study is to determine the contributions of various sources...

Visualization for a Shoreline Evolution Model

Evaluating Existing Access Opportunities for Disabled Persons at Remote Shoreline Recreation Sites

Modeling Oil Deposition on Shorelines and Re-Entrainment

Morphological Study of Mediterranean Shore

A Second Life for Dredged Material
To ensure safe, navigable waters, rivers and waterways must be dredged. Dredging in the U.S. requires long-term alternatives for placement of more than 300 million cu yds of dredged material...

An Experimental and Analytical Study of the Shoreline Response to Non-Parallel Breakwaters in Oblique Waves
REsults of an experimental and analysis study single breakwaters on oblique waves are presented. Three orientations of the breakwaters are studied, those being parallel to the shoreline,...

Fraser Lands Riverfront Park Shoreline Edge Treatments

Benefits of Hazard Mitigation Planning to Reduce Shoreline Impacts Due to Great Lakes Water Level Management Fluctuations and Severe Storms
Recent experience with flood hazard mitigation planning that encompassed aspects of pre-disaster preparedness and recovery operations have proven to be an effective tool in geographic...

The Response of a Barred Coast to a Sequence of Storms

Velocity Moments on a Macro-Tidal Intermediate Beach

History of Entrance Channel Dredging and Disposal Operations: St. Marys, Georgia/Florida

Port Authority's Role in Inlet Management and Beneficial Use of Dredged Material

Argentine Deltas Morphology
Only two deltas are located along the Argentine coast, both of them at Buenos Aires state. The northern one is the Parana Delta at the Rio de La Plata estuary (34.99' Lat. Sur) and the...

Plant Establishment Enhancement Technique for Shoreline Stabilization and Protection
Once established, vegetation is capable of significantly reducing erosion along streams, rivers, bays, sounds and other tidal shorelines. In the last 15 years, many attempts to establish...

Recovery of Shoreline Ecosystems Following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and Subsequent Treatment
High-pressure, hot-water washing was evaluated as one of several countermeasures for cleaning oiled shorelines. This was the primary treatment method for nearly all treated shorelines...





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