Murrells Inlet: Where to From Here

Evaluating Estuarine Shoreline Buffer Zones for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control

Sand Mining in Monterey Bay: An Update

Beach Change Modeling and the Coastal Planning Process

Shoreline Change Behind Transmissive Detached Breakwaters

A New Ocean-Entrance System at Bolsa Chica Bay, California: Preconstruction Assessment of Potential Shoreline Impacts

High-Precision Study of Florida Shoreline Changes

Accurate Computer Mapping of Coastal Change: Bayou Lafourche Shoreline, Louisiana, USA

Shoreline Response to Hurricane Gilbert: Lessons for Coastal Management

Forty Winters Waiting: The Fight for Oregon Inlet

Shoreline Habitat Use, Cross-shelf Distributions and Nursery Area Evaluation of Newly-settled Coastal Fishes of Southeast Florida

Assessment of Global Coastal Hazards from Sea Level Rise

Effect of Global Temperature Rise on the Coastlines of Bangladesh

Contemporary Climate Change and Its Related Effects on Global Shorelines

Erosional Trends Along Cuspate River-Mouths in the Adriatic Coast

First Results of a New Shore Protective Work Installed Along the Eastern Italian Coast

Backbarrier Beaches on a Developed Shoreline
The purpose of this paper is to identify the nature and magnitude of alterations to backbarrier environments on Island Beach Spit, NJ. This location was selected because it has different...

Sand Accounting Methodology for Barrier Island Sediment Budget Analysis
A wide variety of theoretical and analytical techniques are used for estimating island budgets, but surveying has provided the most accurate means of evaluating change. To make comparisons...

Historical Shoreline Changes: A Comparison of Mean High Water and Vegetation Line Movement
A cooperative study produced historic mean high water shoreline change maps for the State of South Carolina. These maps have been used to calculate erosion rates for the entire developed...

Barrier Islands: Dynamic Coastal Landforms Requiring Complex Management Decisions
Barrier islands and spits are found along ten to twenty percent of the world's coastline, and are the predominant coastal landforms composing about eighty-five percent of...





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