The National Mall: No Ordinary Public Space, By Lisa Benton-Short. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016

The Geology, History and Foundations of the Monuments on the National Mall

Eagle Ridge Mall Sinkhole: Haines City, Florida

Brass Factory to Regional Mall: A Model Brownfield

Economic Impacts of APM Development in Commercial Centers

New Technology Makes Roof Lifting Cost Effective

The Link Between Transportation, Land Use and Air Quality: ARB Research

Shopping Trips and Bus Transit

The Von Roll Monorail at Merry Hill, U.K.
In June 1991 a Von Roll monorail commenced operations at the privately developed Merry Hill Shopping Centre in the U.K. The paper describes the application of the Von Roll monorail to...

Improvements on Quantifying Pass-By Trips for Shopping Centers
Improvements to the procedures for quantifying pass-by trips (T), handling imbalanced traffic volume conditions, and collecting field pass-by trip data are suggested. A simpler model which...

Network Model Analysis of Traffic Patterns Resulting from a Proposed Regional Mall
A comparison was made between two methods of traffic impact analysis of a proposed regional shopping mall in Keene, New Hampshire. One study was prepared for the developer using conventional...

Using Microcomputers for Project Management
Microcomputers for both project scheduling and cost control were used during design and construction on a major project in Honolulu. Hotel Street Mall, located in the heart of Honolulu's...

Geotechnical Exploration and Site Preparation Techniques for Large Mall in Karst Terrain
A large commercial mall and secondary developments were planned for construction in a karst area near Clarksville, Tennessee. A geotechnical exploration was conducted to evaluate the occurence...

In order to get its citizens back on its downtown streets after 6 PM, Milwaukee decided to build a mall, combining new buildings along with renovations of existing buildings. The problem...

Bus Interface at a Regional Shopping Center

Two Pacific Region Peoplemovers

Building Development on a Municipal Refuse Fill

Albany South Mall: Largest State Government Complex
Among the nominees for the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award of 1976, the Albany Mall, consisting of 12 major structures, is here described with many photos and sketches....

Washington, D.C. Mall Tunnel
The 4,002 ft (1220 m) cut and cover tunnel crossing the Mall just west of the U.S. Capitol created some unusual construction and design problems. Three areas warrant special mention. These...

The Constructed Environment with Man as the Measure as Part of the Quality System in Construction
Proceedings of the Engineering Foundation Conference held at Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California, November 3-8, 1974. Sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers....





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