Effects of Bends and Alternate Bars on Meander Evolution

Alternate Bars in and Meandering of Alluvial Rivers

Phase Shifts of Pools and Their Depths in Meander Beds

Mississippi River Fairview Crossing Test
To improve estimates of shoaling rates in the crossings of a deep draft channel from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, a prototype test was conducted in Fairview Crossing at Mile 116 above Head...

Shoaling Problems and Improvements Sunny Point, North Carolina
The Military Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point (MOTSU), is located on the Cape Fear River, approximately 18 miles downriver from Wilmington, North Carolina. The facility has experienced significant...

Non-Linear Plane Wave Propagation in Shoaling Shallow Water

The Design and Performance of a Weir at Boca Raton Inlet, Florida

Water-Wave Motion Around a Breakwater on a Slowly Varying Topography

An Efficient Numerical Algorithm for Wave Refraction/Shoaling Problems

Green Harbor River (MASS.) CZM Feasibility Studies

Pipeline Stability Under Finite-Amplitude Waves
The lateral stability of a bottom-laid pipeline under finite-amplitude waves which are shoaling on a mildly-sloping, rigid beach is considered. Incipient sliding motion conditions are...

Geology of the Hawaiian Islands

Wave Decay Characteristics in Slowly Varying Depth

Refraction of Directional Spectra

Prevention of Shoaling at Port Orford, Oregon
A 1:100-scale undistorted hydraulic model of Port Orford, Oregon, and sufficient offshore area to permit generation of the required test waves were used to develop and test several plans...

Laboratory Investigation of Ebb Tidal Shoals
The morphology of ebb tidal shoals has received considerable attention in the last few years, but no generally applicable techniques have evolved to predict shoal development. This engineering...

Physical Modeling of Bubble Screens
Bubble screens have long been used for a variety of purposes, ranging from control of stratification, density currents, oil spills, shoaling, icing and wave heights, to inducing artificial...

Bar Resistance of Gravel-Bed Streams
Gravel-bed streams with bankfull channels of low sinuosity are considered. At flood stages, most of the resistance is grain resistance. Thus, depth-discharge relations can be predicted...

A Predictive Model of Hurricane Wind-Waves

Mississippi River Shoaling: A Diagnostic Study
The field study was conducted to collect definitive data on the flow and sediment movement characteristics in the recurrent shoaling reaches of the Mississippi River in the vicinities...





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